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What is Crypto mining

Bitcoins and other cryptos are created using a mining process. The members of the network provide their computing power for calculating mathematical problems. For this effort they are rewarded with bitcoins or another crypto coin. Computers are really good at solving these mathematical problems, and that is why the Bitcoin network makes the solution deliberately harder. If this did not happen, all bitcoins would be mined within a few minutes. This is why there is already a lot of highly specialized hardware on the market, with the sole purpose of bitcoin mining.

Why now on board

The coins are mined by the miners of the members within the network. The more members are delving, the greater the competition and the sooner the coins are spent. By stepping in now, you can still make big steps and you can still extract many cryptos. In 5 years, the stock will be marginal and you will miss this excellent opportunity to make a return


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